Medición del efecto sobre la salud que tuvo la "forzosa" reducción de calorías y aumento de actividad física la población cubana durante la crisis económica

Muy interesante este tristísimo experimento natural.
Por llamarlo de alguna manera.
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Summary and Comment
Salutary Effects of Lower Energy Intake, Higher Physical Activity, and Weight Loss in Cuba
Weight changes related to economic hardship and recovery were associated with changes in diabetes incidence and cardiovascular-related mortality.

During the economic crisis in Cuba (1991–1995), food and gas shortages resulted in lower food intake, greater energy expenditure (e.g., through walking and bicycling as alternatives to motorized transport), and weight loss across the population. Since then, the Cuban economy has recovered, and Cubans are less active and have gained weight. In this study, investigators assessed the associations between population-wide weight changes and health outcomes in Cuba between 1980 and 2010.

During the economic crisis, daily per capita energy intake was 2400 kcal, and 80% of adults were physically active; average weight loss during 5 years was 5.5 kg. During the economic recovery period (1996–2010), daily energy intake rose to 3200 kcal, the proportion of overweight and obese adults increased 20%, and the proportion of physically active adults fell to 55%. Between 1997 and 2009, diabetes incidence and prevalence doubled. During the weight rebound phase (2002–2009), diabetes-related mortality increased, and previously declining cardiovascular and overall mortality returned to pre-1991 rates.

Comment: In this fascinating, albeit unfortunate, natural experiment, population-wide weight loss was associated with better health and lower mortality, and population-wide weight gain was associated with the opposite. Obviously, one cannot implement population-wide food and fuel rationing to compel weight loss in adults. However, these results remind us of the salutary effects of lower energy intake and more physical activity.